Easy Homemade Waffles

This waffle recipe makes perfectly crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Waffles that are to die for!

I really love these waffles because they are so easy to make, and they also freeze really well.

Easy Waffles recipe kids can help make

Here’s a look at the simple process involved in making these homemade waffles. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the full recipe.

  1. Gather your ingredients.
  2. Stir together gently in a medium bowl.
  3. Warm the waffle maker and cook.
  4. Serve or let cool to store for a future easy breakfast.

What to serve with these waffles

We like to top our waffles with fresh fruits and maple syrup or fruit jam like strawberry. You can, of course, add a side of bacon or even some eggs if you want to go full-on classic breakfast!

Tips for making Waffles

  • Ensure you are using warm milk, or else the melted butter would be more likely to harden if the milk was cold.
  • Add 1 tsp cinnamon to the batter for additional flavor.
  • To store, let cool on a wire rack and store in an airtight container. Reheat in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds to serve. To freeze, store cooled waffles in a zip-top storage bag, with as much air removed as possible, for up to 3 months.

Unlike pancakes, you cannot stack waffles while they are hot. They are going to create steam and quickly lose that crispiness.

This recipe yields 5 waffles that are perfect for my small family. We hope you enjoy these waffles as much as we do! 😊

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For 5 servings of Buttermilk waffle, you will need:

  • 250 grams (2 cups) all-purpose flour, sifted
  • 1 tbsp (13 grams) sugar
  • 1 tbsp (4 grams) baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp fine salt
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 2 large (110 grams) eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 115 grams (1/2 cup or 8 tbsp)butter, melted


  1. Preheat your waffle iron or machine.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, stir together flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Pour in buttermilk, eggs, vanilla extract, and melted butter. Stir until well combine and smooth.
  3. Cook in the preheated waffle maker using 1/2 cup of batter for Belgian style and 1/3 cup for American style. The amount of batter varies based on the waffle iron or machine.
  4. Serve hot with syrup, fresh berries, and whipped cream.

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